9 – Walter Russell – The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of the Universe

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Walter Russell was an American who walked and talked with God for 49 days. After this great enlightenment he gave to the world the science of how the universe works. His wife Leo Russell was also a visionary in her own right. Together they formed the University of Science and Philosophy. In this podcast Richard Roocroft speaks with Jane* about the teachings of Walter and Leo Russell.


Walter Russell wrote the book The Universal One where he shows how God created everything in the universe. Matter is formed by the extension of vortexes from the corners of cubes. The high pressure and speed is what produces compressed matter, like our planet, the sun or even atoms. The returning spirals move out at the equator, like the rings of Saturn, and return to the corners of cubes. This model of the wave is depicted in many of Walter Russell's paintings and drawings. This is how God thinks everything into existence. Russell's work is truly the merging of science and religion.


His book Atomic Suicide talks about radioactive material, and how uranium and other 9th. octave elements spin at such a high speed, that it is very dangerous. Radioactive material should be left deep under ground. Any container holding radioactive material will eventually break and contaminate our world. The use of uranium and other similar material should be stopped. Radioactive materials will reduce the amount of oxygen in the world, and will cause great imbalances within our planet.


Lao Russell spoke of the principles of balance and of love. To her, women were important in all areas of human activity.  Societies that treated their women badly were generally backward. Countries that treated women equally were successful. The love principle (the higher meaning of the word) is what is needed in business. To be successful, entrepreneurs should think of giving and not getting. If you create a product or service with the idea of doing it well, the reaction to that is, the world will reward you.


Walter Russell said people do not “think” properly. He teaches us how to concentrate, and then to decentrate. This is the opposite of concentrate. By meditating using this technique, people can come in contact with their own genius abilities.


Walter Russell was a person of great abilities, but most Americans don't even know he ever existed.


* Jane did not want to have her identity on the internet


Richard Roocroft


March 2010













Posted by: R. Iriana


Thank you Jane & Richard! This was a wonderful interview & tribute show to Walter & Lao Russell. Hopefully something like this will not remain a rare treat as more people come to know their story and writings.I learned of them via the Youtube videos posted by 'TheDoveLady' and think I'm hooked for life. :0D Seems their work materialized in answer to my desire to understand (in a practical way) the universal Principle of Polarity. Through the Home Study Course and other books a wonderful response has appeared in spades.I've saved your website to favorites and hope to one day soon find more podcasts here on this topic. It's a great one (and please invite Jane back for a Part 2 interview - it was a delight to hear her take on the written materials as well as her experiences of Walter & Lao).


posted by: R. Iriana  on Fri, 4/2 09:03 AM EDT


Response posted by: Richard Roocroft


Thank you for your kind words. I have passed this comment on, to Jane. She was happy to know that someone received some benefit from this.


Richard Roocroft.




Posted by: Matt Presti


Richard...i just listened to your show with Jane on Walter Russell...awesome! i also have a show deeply exploring my own consciousness with like minds. i have been on a journey of discovery and understanding paralleling the Russell's for many years and recently discovered them. thanks again for the great show and i plan to listen to many more. sincerely, matt presti www.mattpresti.com "The Exploration Of Consciousness"


Date posted: June 21, 2010


Response posted by: Richard Roocroft


Thank you Matt. We all need words of encouragement.


Matt Presti’s newest website is:




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