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Doctor Walter Russell said that all matter is formed by the closing of two vortexes (or vorticies) which originate from invisible cubes. As these two vortexes close upon their apexes, they form physical matter resulting in spheres. Thus we have the smallest atoms, and the largest planets forming because of the geometry of cubes and spheres. This sounds like the Borg in the Star Trek Voyager television series. But there is nothing science fiction about “Russellian Science.” Most students of Walter Russell believe his work explains the existence of God scientifically. Centering all material systems is what he calls the Universal One. This is Russell's name for God.

In this podcast Richard Roocroft, Matt Presti and Robert Otey discuss the science of Walter Russell. This is the third podcast on this subject. The discussion is not limited to Russell's science. The ideas flow in abundance. We talk about:

And a lot more. If you are interested in the science of Walter Russell, or just like listening to interesting conversation, then you should listen to this podcast.

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May 2011.

Walter Russell

17 – Walter Russell – Part 3

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